Three Cups of Coffee

I have been struggling with what to post as of late. I’v met many interesting individuals here in the United States after a nearly three year hiatus overseas engaged in various activities. I have sampled many different beverages and have no regrets about that, but find myself coming back to the one that stole my heart, via it’s aroma at an early age: coffee. I figure I ought to get my idea for a book out on this site early before the idea gets stolen and used by another author and it is turned into a New York Times Best-Seller.

Three Cups of Coffee would be a replacement to Three Cups of Tea, and it would include some historical facts about coffee as well as how gathered around a table anywhere – at a bus station in Uzbekistan, chic cafe in Austria, or backyard patio at my parents house – the ideas that come about from the brain being stimulated from this beautiful bean induced beverage, are priceless. Imagining a morning without it becomes painstakingly dull and slow. It is what helps me put my fingers on this keyboard.

Unlike Three Cups of Coffee (and all due respect to Greg Mortenson and the Central Asian Institute), this would have nothing to do with sitting around tribal areas of Pakistan and discussing how the rich in the West can finance schools through grants (free money) in remote K2 mountain areas, but instead would include the different ideas from around the globe that have come about through the infusion of coffee into the bloodstream, instead of high fructose corn syrup laden soda. It would also highlight how many of those ideas have come to fruition based on the hard work of local individuals finding local solutions without major donor influence.

Whether it is coffee from the Caucasus in small cups, or large mugs of Americano’s filtered from a sophisticated machine in Italy or Colombia, or at a bustling coffee chain in downtown Portland, Oregon or San Francisco, California in the United States, the idea behind the book would be that when Three Cups of Coffee are ordered and a plan of action is written out, the local capacity is inspired and can achieve great things.


4 responses to “Three Cups of Coffee

  1. Do it or I will be the one to steal your idea. 🙂


  2. “(…) when Three Cups of Coffee are ordered and a plan of action is written out, the local capacity is inspired and can achieve great things.” I could not agree more

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