Tribute to Garbage Men/Women

Against the backdrop of YouTube videos, and the break I am taking from writing my thesis which caused me to stress out and snap, I am continuing to write whatever fun thoughts come into my head here at the request of friends around the globe and they know who they are. I am one who likes to ask questions, lots of them, because the responses to those questions can produce interesting responses. It also should be noted that it has been 3 weeks since my last cigarette (going through a real transformation here). I am also on my way to completing another book called The Tehran Initiative – kind of a scary, thriller, one of those on the edge of your seat types. (Thought it would be fun to choose it after an Iranian friend’s birthday) Anyway, so my reason for writing a tribute to garbage men, rather than a delayed post for veterans following Veteran’s Day, is that the whole country is celebrating them, and I like to do things different.

So why does the garbage man/woman position exist? And why are they necessary? Have we as humans not developed fully to the level where we can properly dispose of our waste in a such a sustainable manner that it requires a vehicle to drive by our homes and dump the waste into it and deposit it into a landfill somewhere? In Armenia, they just burn everything on the street usually. Is it not within our capacity to dispose of our garbage in our own backyards somewhere by some other means? Yes, I understand that it creates jobs and it is a public service and all that, and so we should be grateful, right? I guess that these noble creatures who take the time to weekly come out and visit our abodes and pick up our shit should be saluted.

What I have a hard time with is the amount of money they are paid in the U.S. compared to a public school teacher’s salary. I wonder if I had to do it all over again, would I be a garbage man rather than setting my sites so high on a Master’s degree in Public Policy? I mean there is real job security for garbage men and women. I don’t foresee anytime soon when we will be without need for these professionals/specialists. However, what career track does someone with a degree in Public Policy pursue? Politics!? What was I thinking, I mean I have absolutely no interest in politics whatsoever. It is history that I love and want to teach and be out paid by those waster management men and women. Again, it was at the advice of a woman that I applied to graduate school, a receptionist at the Envoy Hostel in Yerevan, Armenia.

So this is my pathetic attempt at a tribute to garbage men and women everywhere (those on active duty and retired) – we need them and are grateful for their service to our communities. It scares me to think with how lazy we have become, what would happen if they didn’t pick up our trash, what the streets, backyards and inside of homes would look like. So every time someone in a big truck drives by on a designated day of the week to remove your waste, give them a salute! 🙂


2 responses to “Tribute to Garbage Men/Women

  1. Hey man – I can’t believe I finally tracked you down!!! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for like the last 5 years! Chris B. gave me this website. How have you been?? It sounds like you have been BUSY!! Working on your Doctorate too – dang that’s cool.

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