Retirement Home Reflections

Economists pose great questions, some of the best I must humbly admit. I just finished, Don Quixote and that was one crazy author. I also just got off a Skype call recently with my host family in Vayk, Vayotz Dzor, Armenia of all places. Happy to hear they have internet in their home finally. So as I continue to read again, which has taken some time and finally quit smoking (over 10 days now) more ideas come to mind and I just can’t escape the need to write them down. Plus writing is a better close substitute for my hands then using a lighter to light those cancer sticks.

Againsts the backdrop of a plethora of YouTube videos, particularly this one since my cousin Brett had their baby and named it William (and will be referred to as Sir William), it just seems fitting, I thus pose the question: Why do retirement homes exist? Why is it that the older generation is forced out of their homes placed into care centers where they have to be fed and bathed and have their diapers changed daily? Why is it that the younger generation is unwilling to take care of the elderly in their own home?

This answer is difficult to answer as I am sure there are many reasons as children are off running around doing many different things like I had been doing for over three years. I was at a camp once having this same conversation with a beautiful Armenian girl who visited the USA and noticed too that this was a big difference between developed and undeveloped countries: the treatment of the elderly, or the lack of the younger generation to care for them. In Armenia, families are close and visited regularly to make sure they are healthy and well cared for. It has placed into my mind where I would like to retire and if and when I do have kids, will they take care for me like I saw happen with great frequency in Armenia?

Also, is it ironic that on the day of my grandpa Charlie’s 90th birthday that the crazy dictator of Libya eliminated and that country now free of a dictator? I doubt that. He’s a fighter too. Another video! 🙂 The force has been restored. What an Arab Spring, Summer and now Fall it has been! What will happen this winter? Is Syria next? I’ve been there too and while I didn’t dine with the President of that country, I did come in contact with a Syrian diaspora who invited me to his house, but I passed up on the offer, and had dinner in an Iraqi refugee camp with an Armenian family living in the surrounding area and the wife’s tatik (Armenian for grandma) lived near where I did for two years in Armenia. The Viking of Vayk as it was so eloquently put by the leader of the LCF’s (Language and Cultural Facilitators) for us.


One response to “Retirement Home Reflections

  1. . . . what is also sad is the wealth of knowledge the younger generation can learn and experience from the older folks. It is sad that the elders are segregated from the young and the young grow up without the elders ~ the elders in trailer parks, and retirement homes away from the young . . . maybe that is why social networks are so popular . . . making connections?

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