Less than 72 Hours

From my best friend’s computer in a valley similar to where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, we rented a Ford Mustang Convertable via Budget Rental service and stocked up on lovely beverages. I am also glad to hear that President Putin is running for President again of the last country I need to visit (Russia), and who’s gravesite I need to lay flowers at, Fyodor Dostoevsky, who’s book changed my life: The Brothers Karamazov. A phone call has been placed from Bad Ass Coffee in SLC, Utah to Ange and luckily enough I am alive to walk her down the aisle.

Last night was quite sad, I watched 60 Minutes and a report that a 10-year old son of an up and coming Nazi leader in California killed him. I wasn’t sure whether or not to feel sad or not. It gave me pause to reflect on my parents who have raised me right, as well as other parents in my life. My father who always used to say “more math, more money” was right, and “go take a walk around the block” has served me well at this point in my life. All that is left is my thesis, which some edits need to be made to and thanks to a patient thesis advisor who has given me more time to finish it, I will be able to, after I fulfill an over five year promise to an old friend in Vegas who will be traveling to Italy shortly after her wedding.

I had a third doctor’s visit today, and my dad says I need about another month before I am healed. I hope so, if not sooner. But the Asian-American doctor was happy with the progress I seemed to have been making, but ultimately, my father will be the judge of that. I should have taken his advice in the doctor’s office of CEU and exited early, but for some reason I stayed, unsure why, but I did and learned a lot from it. Never stop reading. Currently I am halfway through Don Quixote and it has been forever since I have been able to read or even turn the page of a good book. Once this is finished it will be my fourth book in less than a couple months. As a graduate student of Public Policy, a policy of walking when times get scary or threatining, the best thing to do is just walk away. A plaque with my photo on it used to say “By small and simple things, great things come to pass.” And by small, I mean cell phones and Netbooks that can be taken anywhere and the smallest, an internet connection, which allows for continued communication to take place.

The loss of communication is what is most damaging to the human spirit. Social networking sites aren’t what is needed, F^*&*% Facebook, take the time to send an email or download Skype on a Netbook and begin talking face-to-face for free. LinkedIn isn’t a bad way to do it either, especially for professionals from prior places of employment. It is nice to hear that someone has taken the time to remember you and put their fingers to a keyboard and say *Barev*, *Privet*, *Buenos Dias*, *Bonjour* *Salam* or *Hello*, even from half way around the world in Mongolia, India, Argentina, Hungary, or even in the United States of America.

Next month is the recipient of the Purple Heart for Valor’s 90th birthday, Alvin “Charlie” Roper, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with him. It has been too long that I have been away from my family being a “wanderlust” as Charlie’s oldest called me before I left for the Peace Corps. But in the words of one famous author, “All those who wander are not lost.”. Viva Las Vegas, thanks to all those classmates in the Department of Public Policy at CEU who looked out for me when I was overwhelmed with stress and came to my rescue, may we one day meet up again and it be a joyous reunion. Especially you Queen Rania and Sir Martin Sik, your strength will never be forgotten. I hope the revolution in Cairo is going well and Martin is enjoying all the ladies in Prague like we did in Budapest, especially during our second semester. Both are welcome at the house anytime and to attend my sister’s wedding next May who is getting married to a prince Aaron. I miss laying in bed and watching *Tears of the Son* and being taken care of by you two. Martin, if you’re reading this never forget the birthday present I got you (Even though Rania may not have approved). I hope you have many more just like it. 🙂 You are the man and will attend my wedding someday and be in my line along with a few other men you now know. Having you and I in the same city is a crazy good time.


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