World Diaspora Index

By now I consider myself a migration policy expert. I’ve read a lot and doing much research on the subject. My thesis is still a work in progress, like everything else. Nothing is ever finished. What was nice about attending CEU was being surrounded by other intelligent people who were passionate about their research topics. It was during that time that Natasha, my old roommate, and I had many long discussions that led to ideas surfacing from my little head. One of these, which may turn out to be a PhD dissertation one day, was the idea of a WDI (World Diaspora Index) since the world is filled with migrants.

The World Bank has a blog called “People Move” and while that seems quite obvious, the focus remains primarily on remittances and how they are spent for development. Unfortunately, there still lacks the need for other factors to be accounted for besides money. Setting up a proper research model to measure the impact that Diaspora are having on their home countries is necessary to determine if actual development is taking place, besides wire transfers of money. One of the foreseen problems with this is the definition of a Diaspora. Is it those that have migrated and become citizens, or are have lived there for some fixed period of time? This may seem overly ambitious and instead of “World”, I may need to begin with a region of the world, say the Caucasus, and start there and then branch out.

This idea has been catalyzed by working again alongside a couple of women of Armenian blood. It feels good to use a chat function at work to sometimes speak in that unique but beautiful language.


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