Family Values

“Thanks a lot hollywood, I was scared.” (said in a sarcastic tone while turning, glancing at me … at me). Since that statement was made and a final meeting occured, I have been trying to conduct my own research into what made that professor so scared and that would want to make an RPCV break into his office and torture him like seen in so many hollywood videos watched before. I would be crazy to think this was capable. This should be left to professional people of color, or hungry dogs, to dispose of and with their own imagination. White folk like me just make messes and leave others to clean up after them. As I have had time to ponder the phrase, “everthing happens for a reason”, it is true that the events over the last year have put a lot thought into my mind. 3 years is too long to go without seeing family, 2 is the limit. Family is the most important institution and any other is one standard deviation from it and that loyalty to it is above all others, the most important. It is all about economics.

With all the natural disasters taking place, it is good to know that I am home close to the “family farm” and taking care of my parents and grandparents and have had time to dine with Charile a WW 2 purple heart recipient (for valor) who had 3 homes in West Hollywood, CA close to little Armenia (Glendale). Like the new UTA trax line says, “Everthing falls into place.” And as I make plans for Vegas, like picking up my tuxedo and getting ready to march down the aisle a woman who is about ready to marry a man of a different race, it now becomes time to announce a grand idea that popped into my crazy little head while living in the lucky number 7 district, of the Jewish Quarter of Pest, in Budapest. The formation of a Hate Crime Unit, something along the lines of the Blackwater-type, but for migrants. Indians on every continent have the right to equal treatment, and regardless of why, should be afforded the same rights and liberties as those already residing there and if mistreated have the right to defend themselves by all means necessary; especially their families. We are all migrants, especially circular migrants, the theme of my thesis being advised by a Swiss beauty who is allowing me to take my time so it can at one point possibly be published. And she reminds me a lot of my single cousin Erin (anohter Angel in my life) who was nearby me in Tajikistan when I was a tourist in Central Asia with Jon and dining at the home of an International Red Cross worker from Canada and of Pakistani blood. The irony is that while I was volunteering in South and Southeast Asia from 1998-2000, the home I am in now and the little black netbook I am using now belongs to a gentlemen who worked for that same organization as Asia who we met on Couchsurfing (my only social networking site), the gbeauty was in Tashkent at the time, and was working in prisons in Uzbekistan and is now in Uganda working for human rights there. Aain, I am Westerner milking the Eastern hospitality for all it’s worth even back in the America. I feel ashamed sort of. But that gentlement doesn’t mind, he’s volunteered as well during the same time period I did when I was young. When in doubt, YouTube it out, the best things in life are free and has been a source of inspiration for me.

Again, this writing is the result of a South Asian beauty and an Egyptian Queen telling me to write. So we see what happens when |I listen to women, I write. Even if it is not what people want to hear. To bad, a dedicated writer does it anyway. I will continue this blog until those vows are exchanged in Sin City, one of, if not the last places I left before serving in the greatest landlocked country in the world, Armenia (Hungary is a close second). A great place to dispose of those who abuse people of different color. Not prisons – why burden the taxpayer – but basements of local indigenous homes on any continent and forcing them to watch as much Walt Disney cartoons until they are convinced that because the eyes see something different then what is in the mirror, it is not just okay, but wonderful that differences on planet earth exist. We might call this the Public Cartoon Policy of the Hate Crime Unit, to round up racist Nazi facist bastards still being insured by a company in Europe, and whose names are currently being placed in a secure Douchebag Database far from America, to be dealt with in due time based off of a little piece of information that was passed on from father to son when they came to visit me in Budapest and took a tour of Aushweitz, a place I could not stomach to go back. Once is enough. Some other spots can be revisted, like Armenia and Hungary to see if my public policy suggestions are followed through based on the ideas in my crazy little head. Third, and hopefully but probably not my final doctors appointment is in less than two weeks, I wonder if she reads this blog? Can she provide a cure for my illness?


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