Unemployment’s Sad Farewell

While I wish I could lay around the house and play with the dog and take care of the little farm growing in the backyard, vacations must come to an end. This happened once before. I have returned, or gone back into time, to where I became a Ute and begun to work for a company that symbolizes the nature of volunteerism and accepts migrants from all over and I even will be sitting alongside some women who have Armenian blood in them. Very happy about this.

The nice thing too is that it almost seems like fate that a new metro line runs nearly directly from our home to the hospital where my father has been fortunate to receive employment, good for Dr. Roper 🙂 So the moral of the story, patience. Let time do its thing and everything will fall into place as it should. Those that try to rush, and hurry through will miss out on what is really important to them. Anyway, this is sounding too philosophical for a guy like me. At least I will be able to pump some money back into this economy for a change and make it to Vegas where a U.S. Marine failed to fulfill a promise and that a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer will not. Cheers!


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