London, UK

Credit must be given where credit is due, I firmly believe that, and it is because of the idea last Halloween at graduate school from a former A-15 RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) that I should go as a table to a party and with a little luck (corruption) from my roommate, I won a ticket to London … and look at what has happened to the place. Riots everywhere. I am beginning to wonder if traveling is such a good idea for me to begin with. But what has happened, has happened.

It was with that ticket that I left Budapest bound for my first visit to our allies across the pond and stayed with a former executive producer from Al Jazeera who was also in graduate school, laced with a mark on my cheek from a Polish beauty that wanted to leave her mark. Somehow, she had to know I was going to celebrate a birthday of a woman I had been speaking with. So clever was that one. Well, as it turns out I left my mark on that Lebanese nationalist who had some pretty strong feelings of her own about America. I hope I was able to transfer some of that freedom from me to her and hope she never forgets how powerful a Roper Right Hand can be … or a left. 🙂 I remember the last day, her running down the street saying something like I have no direction and all I do is party in Budapest, how wrong was she. Our University is much better and more challenging, and she has four good reasons to remember me, the Peace Corps and that University by.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. The irony is that my old roommate shares the same name as the woman who connected us, Natasha. See I met that ex Al Jazeera producer on a little vacation to the Middle East as a then current PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer). We then kept in touch in Armenia and met up in London all thanks to a little help from two women. Why has it taken me so long to post about London? I don’t know, maybe it’s because I am so happy to hear that the Natasha that first introduced us is giving birth to twins and I am happy for her, and that nothing further happened between an American Nationalist and a Lebanese Nationalist. Jeff and Natasha I wish you both all the best with you and your new arrivals this fall. I hope to see them soon.


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