Birthday #32

6:00 am – First Cup of Folgers + one piece of Nicorette and chatted with old Russian tutor and host family/friends in Armenia, as well as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Then friends from Budapest joined in the conversation. Talking about the new job, life, health, etc. Logged into the NY Times online.

7:00 am – Started chatting with friends in China and Armenia still. Drank some water and made second cup of coffee into a nice dark blue mug with a label in white where I used to be a sports writer. Continuing to chat with Armenia and China on the same piece of nicorette, cravings have gone down statistically significantly for cigarettes. Chatting with Budapest starts again.

8:00 am – Still chatting with Armenia. Going for a drink of water, just finished my second cup of coffee. That is enough. Reading the news online. Wishing my parents house had a balcony. Maybe one day. But the little farm they have is great. Thanks to my brother and father. Still on the same piece of Nicorette. Hug from mom, spit out first piece of Nicorette. Switched to the little computer now. Mom needed to send an email for a granola recipe she has to a friend.

9:00 am – Second piece of Nicorette goes in. Still chatting with Armenia and preparing for iced mochas. Back home from getting a large iced mocha with whipped cream and picked up a new keyboard for their downstairs computer. We also picked up a treat for my mom’s cancer dog Buddy and he is protecting it on the carpet. We aren’t allowed to go near him. LOL.

10:00 am – Helping my dad set up the new keyboard, which like my Leatherman, has the name Wave on it which will be nice to use for blogging and working on my thesis. Chatting with Croatia and Bulgaria in my grandfather’s old chair. I miss the women I met in Central Europe. One day I will be back if I learn how to save money. Mom is off to work. Finished aforementioned iced mocha and put new piece of Nicorette in mouth and cut grass on the small family farm.

11:00 am – Called best Sunni Muslim friend from Canada and still chatting with Armenia and Nicorette is still in the mouth. Talking about social networking. Chatting with Seattle, Washington now and Armenia.

12:00 pm – Went for a bike ride to a motorcycle shop.

1:30 pm – Arrival at best motorcycle repair shop in town. Waiting for Canada to arrive, late as usual. New piece of Nicorette placed in mouth and drinking a Big K Cola 🙂

2:00 pm – Canada has arrived and picking up a new battery for a motorcycle. Cheers!

3:00 pm – Back from picking up battery and drinking second mocha of the day from McDonalds, Nicorette is in the mouth again.

5:00 pm – Heading to birthday dinner. And the rest of the evening is history.


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