If you haven’t figured it out by now, I do random. I find difficulty “coloring within the lines” so to speak. I have often found balconies fascinating, a relaxing place if you will. People can jump off them and die, propose to a future spouse, share wedding vows, enjoy coffee or wine in the morning (yes, some people drink in the morning, stop shaking your heads you judgmental assholes). I shared this fondness with an American RPCV from Moldova at CEU who will be returning there for work. She, like me, is from the greater Chicago area, I was born just outside of it.

Anyway, it reminds me of where I was this time last year. After spending a few nights on the balcony sleeping next to Jon in Baku, Azerbaijan. A nice Lithuanian lady took us and our backpacks in to her humble abode and housed us until we could board the cargo freighter bound for Turkmenistan with a British couple joining us (though they waited 1/5 of the time we had to wait for the ship to leave). Balconies are where ideas come to surface. It was last fall that I realized CEU may have not been the best choice for me, but it turns out it was. I was sipping my morning instant coffee on the balcony of hostel in Bratislava, Slovakia and realized that maybe I should return to my family, but I didn’t. I ignored that feeling, for better or worse, I think for the better.

In closing, this is my take on balconies. People should spend more time on them. Reading, sipping their favorite beverage (no jumping off though) and Skyping their friends around the world from them. Miracles can occur on them as well. Thanks to my sister giving me the password to my father’s wireless connection, I have been able to use my little black Dell Inspiron to write again, although this post is being written from a different computer and a much bigger monitor that my father, King Richard, or as I refer to him as Dr. Roper, purchased recently. He makes good choices which is why he is employed at a hospital helping out and getting paid for it.


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