Aid from Africa

Living in Budapest, it put me into contact with a number of fantastic individuals from around the globe, and one man in particular from Kenya, who while sitting around the old apartment in the Jewish area of Pest, we discussed some international development strategies. He asked me once I returned to the United States, which I have now, to spread some of these ideas around and now that that has happened, it becomes apparent to publish them. I wish he had given the graduation speech, I heard he didn’t, but that is okay.

Like coffee, a lot of great ideas, such as my thesis topic for the summer of 2011, circular migration, first originated in East African towns. It becomes apparent for those reading this blog for pleasure or policy advice, to conisder rather than sending aid to Africa, to investigate what we can actually learn from that continent’s countries and use it for “more developed country’s” progress. It goes without repeating that the continent has been bumbarded with loads of money that has been continually wasted when the resources were already there. It is time for development agencies to reconsider using Africa for advice rather than giving more than it already has.


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