Charlie Squared

Tomorrow Chuck, or Charlie’s eldest Charlie, flies in to put Charlie’s castle on the market, and we are learning to live with the fact that another family will eventually occupy that castle while I have been away for the last three years. One thing I have learned over these past three years, some things are just out of our control and we have to learn to live with that. However, I have also learned that miracles do happen. After the wedding in Durango I will begin working after entering this free country, and doing what I do best, providing information technology support to clients all around the country.

But this isn’t about money (I have hardly any of that), it’s about opportunities that will now be made possible and for promises to be kept, as I sit on this old barstool in a garage of a best friend’s friend, I am typing again remotely in hopes that people will remember how important it is for families to be reunited and ours will next week in Durango, CO; family members I too haven’t seen in over three years serving the United States and trying my best to promote peace around the world, one country at a time, and now back in the United States of America to do the same.



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