Central European University

About this time last year, I started off on a month long journey with one of my best friends Jon before starting graduate school, so I thought it fitting to post my statement of purpose that I sent to Central European University, and it is still puzzling to me why I was even let in through those doors, oh well I was and will soon be done with everything. Thanks be to Jon for his editing skills, I wish him the best of luck in Argentina, doing what he does best, which hopefully is more writing on a new blog, I think I will keep this old one around for a while. Cheers!

Without hesitation, it is safe to assume the ever increasing importance for, not only qualified public servants, but also those who will carryout what is in the best interest of the public at-large, despite ever increasing setbacks facing those in the 21st century, is imperative.

The exposures one has early on in life can facilitate the formulating of decisions made in the future. Having resided outside the United States as a teenager in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, a desire to better understand not only those nations, but also as much as the world as possible, occurred; leading to the pursuit of an undergraduate degree in International Studies and Political Science, after much consideration for alternative subjects. The focus always returned.

Catalyzing the urge to work and serve abroad, the need to further qualify me by working at the international NGOs and the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute inWashingtonDCwas requisite. Moreover, familiarizing myself with information technologies and project implementation crucial to the advancing of public services, in addition to those specifically for public servants, was essential for what the next step would reveal.

Revisiting past experiences, which never left, the opportunity to couple both my academic and professional experiences in international service to others, again manifested itself.

However, not as at teenager, not only the purpose but the location in the world was different. Positioned as a Community and Business Development Volunteer inArmenia, at a relatively new IT NGO, the new challenges were a relinquished task. Working alongside host country nationals, learning the ancestral language specific to a nation and trying to accurately at a grassroots-level understand the needs, presented an occasion to enhance my consciousness to the realities of working globally, for the benefit of the public-at-large.

Consequently, the quest for more advanced, academic studies in this area is being sought after at the present moment.

As previously stated, following my first overseas experience as a teenager, academic curricula took place. Adding more familiarity to my desired objective to be an effective public servant, subsequent education is nothing short of mandatory. Studying and working alongside some ofEurope’s finest educators, is only one of the reasons for my decision to apply. Furthermore, the opportunity to associate myself with an international student body, at an institution allows one to experience and become educated through the input of others from varying global backgrounds.  


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  1. Utterly impressive, my friend. I can hear both of your voices, and it makes me smile.

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