Obama Event

Today was a great day, I was finally able to enter the Hilton Hotel and do what I was born to do, sign up people to volunteer for the re-election campaign of The Man, President Barack Obama. Furthermore, I was able finally to touch base with the State Director for his campaign and let them know I was able to volunteer out West. Additionally because of some good partners I have had in the past, and some help from the internet, I was able to reconnect with them and, as well as familly both home and abroad. All this was made possible through a stopover in a little part of Mexico in Budapest, Hungary.

I also had a wonderful interview with my favorite coffee shop in the Valley, www.beansandbrew.com, which would be a dream come true. I feel the best thing that has happened to me was the books I have read, which is Coffee: A Dark History. All should read it to understand who difficult this bean is to harvest and eventually lead to stimualting the brain and allows us to think a little more clearly after a long nights sleep.

What else am I reading to occupy my time: Medium Rare by Anthony Bourdain who was one of my favorite chefs to watch as I lived with a wonderful girl who offered her abode until I left to served in the Peace Corps, one of, if not the best decisions I have ever made. May those American citizens who want to best servce their country sign up and join The Corps that really helps America the most. Cheers!


2 responses to “Obama Event

  1. I’m so happy u got involved in a cause u believe in 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post … all the way from Egypt, its good to still feel close those friends who were with my when it was needed most. Cheers!!

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