Happy Day

A decision has been reached and we are taking the General Charlie to Durango, CO for my cousin’s wedding! After some discussion and a little persuasion The Roper Clan will be reuniting to celebrate the wedding of one of my oldest cousins, Spencer. What a day that will be, and literally a day … driving in and leaving the next. Prior to that Charlie’s eldest “Chuck”, will be arriving in to see about putting the house on the market that my sister Emily has moved  into which my brother has been watching over while I have been away for almost over three years.

The other news is that it has been confirmed I will be present at a wedding in Las Vegas to fulfill a promise made long ago to my best friend to this day, despite sporadic moments of inactivity in the form of communication, but because of a flight through Paris, France and with a little help from Mexico, in a little less than three months I will be honored to walk down the aisle a woman who helped me graduate from my first four years of university. So, is this why I came back to just attend weddings? It seems that way as I have re-entered this free country, almost broke and still haven’t found work but will be able to see people from my past, those despite my, how shall we say, intermissions, can make it to see the people I love so much, despite leaving others that I do as well back in Europe for a time, another one of my life’s intermissions.



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