Rebuilding Bridges via Unemployment

If this is even possible in reality, it takes a lot of work, especially in some parts of Eastern Europe still haunted by the bombs that have been dropped over there through past conflicts. Nevertheless, as I have submitted a draft of my thesis on circular migration, it is ironic that I in some small way have come back to a free country in dire need to rebuild bridges I had let go aflame. Fortunately those I have communicated with upon my return have shown forgiveness for past f^&*-ups and we have continued to talk again.

Talking to friends is in a way more like a grassroots-level of diplomacy, along with listening, rather than waiting to speak. Like cement or wooden bridges that have been destroyed, personal ones are more easily repaired since the internet has exploded and destroyed bridges, but offers a way to repair them as well. Using Skype as an adhesive I have been able to reach out to old partners that I have had throughout my life and see how they are doing, and it makes me feel good to know they are doing well.

Over the last three years that I have been away from my immediate and extended family doing things I never thought imaginable (some good, bad and ugly), I have also been able to sit in my grandfather’s new room and allow him to converse with his grandchildren via my small little black laptop (f0r free) that I have again. I am surfing his couch in the meantime until I can find work. Later this month his eldest son and his wife will be crashing at our place and surfing in my sister’s bedroom before going to a wedding in Colorado. They were some of the last persons to see me before I left for the Peace Corps and are coming all the way back out to see me, and then to attend a Colorado Wedding.


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