Charlie’s Better Half

On occasion Charlie gets mail delivered to the house and so I run it down to him and mingle and muse about old times, usually consisting of the family which has been painfully missed over the last three years. That being said, it was time for Charlie to step outside and take a scenic bus ride to Saratoga Springs and enjoy the beauty of the Wasatch mountains (which still have snow on them). It’s almost mid July and that is crazy. During that hour and a half I stopped over to visit his better half: Charlotte. Dressed in purple and just finishing her meal, I delivered the chocolate from Charlie to his wife, cause that is the kind of man he is, always bringing something for the lady.

Minutes after finishing her meal, I unwrapped for her a candy bar and tried to explain who I was, that didn’t work so well until the nurse wrote it down and she read it, and then I think she kind of got it. One other nice lady thought I was a doctor, so I said sure, why not, what’s wrong with a little imagination as long as nurses are nearby. Anyway, then she snapped and got a little irritated by so many people (mind you I went down there because they called and said she needed a new pair of shoes). “I’m having a hell of a day!” “Who are all these people!” It was like music to my ears. She just let them have it and so we just let her take a few more laps around the kitchen and eventually took a nap draped in a purple-colored shirt, the same color as the medal Charlie received as a WW2 veteran in Europe. Very fitting for Charlie’s Better Half.

Note: Some of her vocabulary was quite explicit, so I will refrain from repeating that, but was like the sound of music coming from the lips of a woman who has enjoyed so much freedom, which is not free and must be earned, words stitched onto a maroon blanket draped over her baby blue sofa chair in her new room.



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