I am 31, and almost 32 but for some reason I feel old. It has been suggested that I keep this blog up so that it can entertain the masses, which fluctuates from week to week, god help those poor bored souls who actually spend time reading this sh&*. So, how do I spend my days as a retiree waiting to be employed again.

By 9 am I have taken my first slew of pills for AD/HD (i guess it helps, who knows), I usually rotate through some emails to see if anything interesting is happening in the area, otherwise, I go straight for the news and then to some YouTube videos to occupy my time. Having re-entered this great country about two months ago via Paris and then Boston, I have realized the importance of communication via the internet and the weapon it can be used for peace, without it I would not have been able to write.

Symptoms? After a second doctor’s visit today, not even the medical professionals can get to the bottom of this, however, after visits from my brother and a visit to my grandfather Charlie, throughout various days of the week, it helps. I am now able to walk un-escorted anywhere. Again, I am free to move as I please.

Now about friends. Without a doubt, they are part of an extended family and being able to connect to them via Skype has saved me from absolute boredom, as I drive them nuts by sending You Tube video links. This usually consists of Hollywood movie soundtracks, mainly Disney. But what else am I to do before I start work? I keep sending my resume, which is also attached to this blog and wait for feedback from papers and my thesis draft which has been able to be written now that I have my little laptop back thanks to the best Romanian ever. I do feel guilty not telling her I made it to Bucharest last winter, I bet she had some nice tips for me.

Anyway, trying to stay on target here (by now you can see the difficulty I face). This is how I spend my time, I cut grass around the house, go for a swim at night now and receive and give visits from my immediate family that is nearby (and my online family far away on the other side of the Atlantic) and then by around 10 pm, I take another set of pills to try and “manage” this thing called Attention Defect Hyperactive Disorder.  There you go Miss You Know Who, I continued blogging just for you. Cheers! I hope you’re happy now 🙂


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