Caliente Encounter

Apparently my last post sounded a little depressing (the idea that I am somehow retired), so the topic will be changed to love and how a man named Charlie met his wife Charlotte who is still living close by her soldier.

“Well, yeah I used to go to the high school dances with a lot of the other gals. At the time I got to know everyone who was in the gang at that age, and Charlotte happened to be in it.” (Caliente, Nevada) Well, we went with a group of people, where we found out about one another, and I kind of took her away from her old boyfriend, her previous boyfriend, and then we started going to the dances and the parties together along with all the other youth and (Note: Charlie had graduated from high school, Charlotte had not) I had car, a Chrysler convertible, and rumble seat in it. The previous owner had built a windshield over the rumble seat.”

“And she knew how to drive a car already … we used to go swimming at Ash Hot Springs at night.  Then she graduated from high school, and by that time I was taking up all her spare time. We were going pretty steady then, and then her parents built a home and I borrowed a truck and hauled dirt for the backyard for them … and so things were pretty well underway by then, I put in for a transfer for Los Angeles, then we went to Los Angeles and I got room and board right across the street from where her relatives lived. I was working for the railroad then, and then we had Pearl Harbor and we got talkin’ about marriage and it was arranged, and she kept working at the Farmer’s Market and I the railroad. And, uh, we decided to get married and so we did, she continued to work. I had to register for the service, so when I got called to go in I took a two week leave and came back to our families … and waited for time to tick away and then my job with the railroad was changed, to U.S. rubber building gasoline tanks for medium bombers.”

“Then I got a notice and a report and during the time with US Rubber we were married I had to report for duty. So we were married March 8, 1942 and I had two weeks to settle up all my affairs and get ready to go in the army.”

“So we had from March 8 ’42 till August or October, we lived as man and wife for that many months before I had to go into the service and put on the uniform. So we kept the car, I stored in a man’s garage while I was away.  So when I got back we had transportation. I was inducted October I think, 1942 and Charlotte continued to stay in Caliente while I was gone, and then when I got any leaves I would go to Caliente again. So I was sworn into the Army it would have been about October ’42. So she continued to stay in Caliente and got a job with the Union Pacific railroad, I guess, until the time I was discharged, but I did  come home a couple of times on referral. I was shipped off to Camp Polk, LA.”

“She probably wrote everyday and I wrote every week … and she remained in Caliente until I came home. So I came home January 1st or 2nd of ’46. And then we started life over again.”


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