New Research Question

Why are social sciences and the humanities, such as political science, sociology, public policy, history, etc. still taught in a classroom setting in the 21st century. I have had a lengthy discussion with two people who have ties to South Asia, like me and that can never be replaced, about the role and importance of teachers in today’s society and how they are much more than just professors who stand and talk,  but are facilitators or discussions.

I pose the question becomes it seems that with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc…their position has become in jeopardy. This was also the topic of conversation I had with that same professor at CEU, I would hope that such a nice and kind instructor who just sat and listened wouldn’t steal this idea and make it his own, that is why I pose it now on this blog hoping to  moderate a discussion regarding the subject matter of social science and humanities, and the ever growing need for good professors to act as facilitators (thanks Rani!).

The ever growing need for this is becoming extinct as students sit in their classrooms logged on to sites for information about topics that they are passionate about, rather than paying attention to what is being discussed. Feedback and suggestions are required so that I can also gain a new perspective on the role of professors in the year 2011 because it seems all the data on certain subject matters is available through a simple search on or Wikipedia.  My thesis adviser told me this and that is how  I was able to complete my first draft which will be refined over this summer. Cheers!


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