Why one should never drink alone?

A few knew about this, but I was interrupted, put to silence if you will, before it could be shared. And now it is time. I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

Scenario – Go to a bar alone, or convince friends (allies) that it is in their interest to come with you.

Keeping all things constant (salaries, single self-serving individuals) it is in the interest of the benevolent drinker to make the first move by calling and signaling to others they are about to go to a bar, with the knowledge of prior collaboration and successful invasions of foreign states (the bar). Having arrived at “first past the post” stage, the free riding individuals comprising the institution (friendship/ally) seek also to benefit from the benevolence of the drinker. We assume there is/are an individual, or individuals, dissatisfied with the status quo in the foreign state, while this may not be the case, wedding bands being the signal of a sovereign clan within the state, and deterring foreign invasions (bar hoppers) strategic collaboration amongst members (friends) to identify through the publicity of information (body language) that there is a need for intervention (ordering of a drink). Now that the allies have arrived at the decision making stage, the dilemma lies, is in who provides the perceived victim with support (a lovely adult beverage)?

Again, assuming the benevolent drinker makes the first move (again, like always) and is successful, the others have two choices 1. Leave the bar 2. Follow suit. Let’s assume by observing the conduct of the benevolent drinker (shared norms making up the friendship/regime) they decide to stay and pursue their own self-interest (meet a repressed individual) by applying the shared norms embedded within the institutions, through successful collaboration, this makes each member of the institution better off. It is when they deviate (cheat) from the shared norms inside they experience the worst payoff (going home alone while leaving victims in a foreign state) thus providing clear evidence why it is in the interest to never invade a foreign state, of any kind, alone.


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