The Devil Went Back Down to Georgia

Okay, I butchered that one badly  and apologies to The Charlie Daniels Band for wrecking their one hit wonder, but there really isn’t any better way to articulate my return to the Caucasus. I’ve done so much damage to this part of the world and they still allowed me to cross both their borders.

There have been weddings and babies born (no, not mine assholes) during the last 5 months and it’s time to play catch up with everyone and celebrate the way it’s done here, so in other words, it might be a while before this gets updated.



One response to “The Devil Went Back Down to Georgia

  1. Uncle Roper! I just found this thing, your blog, again. It’s not as good as talking about all our shit, together, in your apartment, but it helps fill my Uncle E fix in it’s own way. Just so you know, I’m jealous of your return to the Hayastan, have a great time and tell as many faces in Vayk I said “Hazar Barev, yev Schnorhavor Nor Tari!!” I miss ya.

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