Musings on a Post-PC clusterf%$;*

Dormant in a cement block, inhaling fumes comprised of burning leaves from the avenue below and boiled potatoes, seeping through  the cracks in said cement block – post-Soviet studio-style abodes – the imagination runs wild of what is transpiring as the snow falls, leaves change from apricot orange to yellow and green, then repeat seasonally. Or by some other botanical cyclical pattern I remember.

Eventually, the 6 am wake up calls for boiled cow leg with garlic, bread and vodka, end. You find yourself living with a lesbian and passing by the Konica, Canon, Nikon-wielding East Asian tourist intifada around whatever city square omnipresent in your choice of destination following the 27 month dwelling you were confided to. Simplicity has been replaced with seriousness; making grades or ends meet.

On occasion you attempt to bring to the frontal lobe, what it was like prior to the cement block. Work, relationships, the concept of a paycheck. Then you just say “fuck it” to the digging through movie trailer websites and chat sessions to see what you missed. You resort to just plain regular communication with the outside world: email chat services or Skype. The new table in your room is laced with  Adambrau and Kozel cans while you empty out your landlords tea cup that has been turned into a chain-smokers ashtray.

And what the fuck is a “deadline”? Something needs to be done by a “set time”? Experts really are just chomping at the bit to hear some new saps theoretical approach to why some were against the EU Enlargement? Doubt it. They are scambling to write their own research grants so they can further investigate the implications of social networks in Zimbabwe. Which is good for ….

Not having access to nightly news or the New York times prevents one from being so privileged as to know the most recent concepts and terms introduced in the research world. Good governance (What the fuckers should have been doing all along), Social Capital (Ivy League’s version of “street cred”) Civil Society (Really, this exists?) and Social Networking (Wanted: Friends with remotely interesting things to talk about online). Myspace has entered academia; there is hope for my middle-aged mother after all – who majored in Family Studies.

I’m beginning to wonder why I ever left the cement block in the first place. Life was much simpler.


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