Back to the village …

… and one month later, I am writing further about this fiasco. Free of antibiotics, broncholitin from Bulgaria, et cetera. This called for a return to the village to witness what my host mother said was one, it not the final traditional Armenian thing I needed to be apart of. (translation: bring your camera stupid and don’t take your finger of the button!) No, but seriously, I did miss this one last year, regretfully. However, having the wedding last November in their family, it would be sure to mean more to me. This tradition consisted of the burning of hay and dancing around it 7 times, and then jumping over thrice. I am still a little fuzy on the details of the signficance, so feel free to enlighten us with your comments Armenians. It was rather quick, maybe 15-20 minutes at max, and then standard operating procedure of, you guessed it, eating, eating some more and dancing. Proof is in the pictures.

The best newlyweds in Armenia!

me and tatik (grandma)


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