RE: Comment from last post

Recently there seems to be a consistent conversation taking place amongst us. (by “us” I mean both Volunteers and folks in America) “You’ve been there a year and a half, what do you miss/grateful for?” Not an unusual question at all. Happy to reply. A few weeks ago I had nothing short of a reawakening of sorts involving, of all things: Worchester Sauce. I am by no means unhappy with the cuisine here actually, however, certain tastes upon reentering our body’s orbit, manage to bring to the frontal lobe memories, such as prime rib.

That being said, during the remainder of my time, it will be my mission to expose these Armenians in my town to as many different delicacy’s as possible. Starting with Tabasco Sauce. If you remember Thanksgiving last year, I was introduced to an excellent dish. This year I brought, literally, to the table New Orleans finest; and it was well received. Generally, I like this with eggs, hashbrowns or fish to spice it up. They had a completely different idea about how this was to be used.  I respectfully just watched as my precious sauce was being dumped into little clear glasses for … you guessed it, clear liquid death. To each their own.


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