Year 2

Recently several inquisitive individuals have sought out my future plans. Both volunteers and local citizens. “How much longer will you stay in Armenia?” “What will you do after, for work?” “Will you return to Armenia, after you go back to America?” This is an everyday thing; on multiple occasions.

When in my life’s history have I ever known what the hell I’ll be doing in a years time?

Despite fielding difficult, life-changing questions, I am trying my damnedest to remain a productive member of society. Actually, it’s not that bad, especially after a year of language under the belt and looking for additional outlets for community development has actually been quite nice. Some think 2 years is too long, others too short. I actually subscribe to the “it’s just enough” time frame. As for what I do after this, I’ll probably decide the same way I got into this mess.


One response to “Year 2

  1. i am not worried about your future plans – are you having fun today? That is the question – Hope all is well…hope life is good…hope the winter is not too cold this year (smile)

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