Verchapes, gnacel em Gyumri!

Translation: Finally, I went to Gyumri! Why? Good question. Before coming to this country I was put in contact with a very talented pianist, and has now become a good friend, who is from Gyumri, [thanks Jeff and Natasha ] and at that time was studying at a university in New Hampshire. I ate, and of course, drank with her family, who turned out to be just as cool as she was. But there was more to this visit then just visiting an old friend. This town is a place that has seen it’s fair share of hardships, but maybe none so memorable as the 1988 earthquake. I was circumnavigated around the town by her father and was told about the history, and all that had happened to the town. See photos below.

However, dgyumri-038espite it’s history, several incredible institutions are in place such as the GITC – Gyumri Information Technologies Center that, in my best highly sopisticated estimation, seem to be doing incredible things. That’s cool has hell to see.




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