View from the North

ijevan-006There are several things I like about this place. [See pretty much every post written prior to this one] But one of those is that in such a small place, you can see crazily varying landscapes. Despite residing in the southern hemisphere of the country – that previously mentioned (or atleast I think I did, damnit it has been a long time!) IT networking and server training – was located in the north; which looked 100% different from the view out my balcony window. Yes, finally … again new photos are up.ijevan-019


So really, why am I writing this post? To make up for lost time? No. Probably because I finally got my camera back from having left it up north and it finally made its way down here after approximately one month. Also I have been indispose since coming back from a Project Design and Management Conference that allows us know to write a grant for our community. So that has pretty much taken up all my time for a while, plus writing a proposal for an IT Summer Camp for youth in the villages. “Togh Astavats lini mez het” (“God be with us”) as we basically beg for money from the U.S. Government … also know as grant-writing. Cheers!ijevan-021


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