View from my window

firstsnow-002Holy S%#^, I just wrote twice in less than a 24-hour period. And it occured to me, that my new abode had not been on display here since its inaugurational housewarming back in January, or was it December. Screw it, here is a view from the balcony and my director and I breaking it in properly. Cheers!firstsnow-001 However, the picture directly below is how I attempted to keep mildly warm during the winter. Seriously, it worked quite well, and I am now not wearing long underwear … some other volunteers can’t say the same. We have it good in my part of the country.




2 responses to “View from my window

  1. Elliott! We miss you! I haven’t been great at the correspondence but I do think about you, how you are, and pray often that all is well. I love reading through the blog. DC is not the same without you here 🙂

    • So, in other words, DC is a ton better now that I’m gone 🙂

      Life is busy, good and challenging at the same time … thanks for keeping in touch. Cheers!

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