Remembers those photos I promised?

Apparently I suck at getting photos up on this site. But that is not without good reason. After Prague and Vienna, it was the New Year here, and then recovery time, and then I spent a week in another site for an IT Training (which went really well by the way, thanks for asking) and then while the great CEO douchebags of the world were meeting in Davos for the World Economic Forum, we were in another ski resort at a Project Design & Management Workshop for those of us who work at the grassroots level. So there. Below are some photos from the Armenian New Year, and the Prague and Vienna onefirst-nor-tari-037s are on the photostream. Hopefully this explains a little as to why my head and stomach were in so much pain. You may recognize the faces in some of those photos from previous posts, because who has two thumbs and the best family in Armenia … this guy. So it was without debate that the start to this New Year debacle only would take place in their home and village.




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