Happy “Khash”giving?

“So Elliot, how was Thanksgiving in Armenia?” I was held prisoner in a hotel for three days prior for an All-Volunteer Conference. I’m making it sound worse than it was. Sure, it was good to see everyone and hear what the hell is going on throughout the country (a lot actually), but surprisingly I was even happier to return to my town.

On the actual ‘Turkey Day’, I was hellbent on sharing what this proud American tradition meant with Armenians … but they had other plans. “Khash”! What is “Khash”? Basically, it is the flesh of the cow, specifically the legs, boiled in with some other seasonings and with garlic and onion added later on. It is eaten without utensils, instead “lavash” (Armenian flat bread). I like it.  So rather than explain the whole Pilgrim/Native American debacle, I rambled on about classic rock with the guy sitting next too me. Turns out, he’s a huge Jimi Hendrix fan and happens to be the Physics teacher at the 1st school.  The following day, for “Khashing”giving leftovers, I had cow brains. I liked that, too.


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