An Armenian’s Anniversary

Let me preface with … winter is basically here. Albeit with no snow in my town – other parts have had their share already – it’s cold. I love it. I would ask for nothing less.

Recently I returned from a far too long absence to my host family during my PST (pre-service training) days. Why? It was their wedding anniversary and I would have been drawn and quartered if I missed it. It was like coming home. They made some renovations to the room I stayed in and pretty much have barred anyone else from staying there. Again, they wanted to know everything; and rightfully so, they are the reason I’ve had such an easy adjustment in the country. They’re great. Misha was manning the barbeque; and Gohar was running around doing everything, and as always, the food was amazing. We also talked about what jokes to play on any new volunteer, should they get one again, for next year’s PST, if the same location is chosen. May God have mercy on their soul.




Back at my permanent site, we continued our IT and business training classes; amongst preparing for our other projects. Photos of our students at work will be up on the photo stream soon; practicing what we have been teaching for the last few weeks; Microsoft Office, the internet and making business plans. Cultural side note; recently one of our coworkers got engaged, and she mentioned that apparently it is a rule to tap anyone who is not engaged, on the head with the palm of one’s hand. Any Armenians reading this please feel free to comment. It is HIGHLY likely I misread this.

However, this is not a cultural side note. In fact, there is no difference between Americans and Armenians in regards to this next matter … when mom leaves for the weekend – for whatever reason – father and son potentially become a liability. However, we managed this time to feed ourselves, (though pretty much everything was made prior to her departure, so we only had to reheat) and install the gas heater in the living room with out a bonfire erupting. Then there is what we didn’t do; and like back in the states, mom will never know.


2 responses to “An Armenian’s Anniversary

  1. Mollie Rasmussen

    Elliot! I like the new look with longer hair and goatee. You look great. Like you’re very happy. Serves you right. You should be.

  2. Elliot as an Armenian originally from Iran i have never heard about the hitting on the forehead but im pretty sure in Armenia (old-soviet Armenia) there is a tradition like that.

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