Get the Gurney

Last weekend, traveling an hour or so south to visit a few of the other volunteers for birthdays and meetings, allowed for some collaboration of ideas … and recipies. Most notably: jambalaya made by the Louisiana-based Environmental Volunteer Betty. I’ve had that concoction a few times – not, however, at a SEC tailgating party in Baton Rouge – but nonetheless, it was incredible. I couldn’t stop eating. I would need assistance removing my ass from the chair. Get the Gurney! She is also working on some really great environmental projects. Seriously. (So if you’re reading this and are into all that green stuff and want to help, feel free to contact myself).

I was also briefly reunited with some friends that I lived with in my PST village – it was actually their birthdays -so, by default, a little reminiscening took place. Their region is strickingly different from mine. Green vs. Brownish Red. They are also at a slightly higher altitude. They got their first snowfall the day after I left I found out. Another volunteer was in town as well; presenting a certain seminar for the youth. When they finished up there, we bolted to a waterfall, stonehedge and, yes, another monastery. I really hope you’re enjoying my outstanding writing abilities here, because I forgot my camera. Deal with it.

Upon re-entry into my site, I was kind of hoping to relax, or take a nap for a bit. My host dad had a completely different agenda. I couldn’t have been in the house for more than five minutes before he drove by with his buddies and threw me in the car. All of whom I’d met before and are a fun bunch to hang out with. “We’re going fishing”! In unison. I scratched the nap idea.


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