Preparing for winter (well, sort of)

We decided that we had been here long enough; [little over one month] it was time to summit one of the highest peaks in the area before winter set in, and that took about a whole two hours. That being said, it was definitely worth getting up early and seeing the well sunlit valley.

Winter is coming soon and everybody knows it. You know how in the U.S. everything starts going on sale about this time, and new product comes in from snowboard pants to fleece shit to newly reengineered hydration packs that possess a special compartment for your precious lifesaving iPod? Here in Armenia we cut down trees so we don’t freeze, starting canning everything and distilling as much clear liquid death as possible. I’ve taken part in all of it so far.

Also during the past week, or so, we were invited to have a dinner with about eight, over 65 volunteers – from some Christian organization in Wisconsin, I think – that were doing some volunteer work in an adjacent city. Why is this at all relevant? Because we speak Armenian, and they didn’t; and they had only one interpreter at the table. Think I took advantage of that to have a little fun? Ask the cook.


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