Good-bye Desk Jobs … Forever

First off, before any divulgence of recent events, I have to confess I have the best Geisha ever!

Okay, back to life in the desert. The need to get to know what’s around one’s new abode can be quite fulfilling when it includes some pretty spectacular scenery [see updated photostream]; which brings me to my next point: I do not miss the paper pushing, phone/email answering, IT desk job that rarely changed from day to day. However, the people will always be missed that I worked with, but the kind of routine and job functions were not for me; hence I am here now. Working alongside Armenians so far has been an interesting and so far a fulfilling experience.

So that might have sounded quite cheesy/quintessential PC talk, so what the f$%^& are you doing exactly out there besides having a really good time.  The NGO has some not too fare fetched ideas actually, here are a few of them:

1. Begin Business Seminars related to IT for small local businesses. [ie, Excel for budgets]

2. Create a website, DVD, and brochure for tourism in the region.

3. Teach basic computer classes to children and teenagers.


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