Verizon in the Village

No, this place does not have high speed broadband anything. Computers, yes. Internet, not yet. However, that does not mean another form of information technology has managed to be in full affect within the borders of this tiny village. Oh no. Let me introduce you to my Host Mother, more commonly referred to in my head has “mother modem”. She takes the information [volunteer is hiking in mountains] passes it to her neighbor, or family member, and its spits out to everyone [the Village Wide Web]., sans something else than fiber optics. And before you know it, everyone has access to the whereabouts of every volunteer in the village.Playing off that same example, I did take a, long overdue, hike up one of the mountains. No one was really home after school that day, or at least I think. She could have been testing me. Who cares, that’s not the point. I couldn’t have been gone more than two hours. Upon my return, she said in her beautiful – and slow so I could understand – Armenian that she knew full well that I had been hiking, with who [the mayors son], when I left and probably the exact route I took. Standing in her presence stunned, I was left speechless. At this point in the language lessons, that’s not too uncommon. She’s my cook, calendar, alarm clock and now my only form of village high speed communication.

Other news and probably the most exciting so far, is the announcement of where we will be placed for two years upon completion of the PST. Currently, I’m not sure if I am able to place on here my exact whereabouts [however, you can email me your request to know], but know this much, it’s a small town in southeast Armenian, about an hour outside the capital city of Yerevan. I’ve been assigned to work at the IT Development Center NGO in the city. Our program manager speaks highly of it, as well as my counterpart. In about a week and a half we take a week long trip to visit the area and meet everyone, so I’ll have more information at that time.

Some new pictures of my host family’s village are up for your viewing pleasure. We’re taking our first official field trip this weekend to see some gargantuan monastery in Armenia.

Note: Just got back from gargantuan monastery. Some photos should be up next week.


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