Making it to Armenia

Finally arriving at our training site in Charentsavan, after a mad dash to our flight in Charles de Gaulle — preceded by an in-flight Happy Hour fully supplied by the good folks of the duty free shop at JFK — we arrived smelling of 20 hours of travel and a set of sleep deprived detainees. But the fun didn’t stop there. Of course not. Upon piling into four vans and our gear in a big truck we headed for the mountains where this site is situated. Passing by the casinos discovred early on after leaving the airport, dodging all form of road debris, and crammed like sardines, the four drivers of those vans circumnavigated the cliffs of the terrain. It’s probably best most of us were asleep; in our disoriented state the verbal abuse would have been legendary.

All four of the aforementioned vans arrived unscathed from the drive; that big truck, not so lucky. Remember, that’s the truck with everyone’s gear. Yeah, it broke down somewhere along the road on that same mountain. Mind you, most of us have everything in there and are in short leave shirts. Winter barely ended last week. With the combination of Armenian ingenuity and some PC patience from most, we managed to help haul it all back up the mountain. However, the truck was never seen again. Murphy’s Law is in full affect. Pictures coming soon …


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