Memorial Day Weekend

This last Memorial Day weekend was spent roughly four hours outside the beltway. Some friends of ours had mentioned the good time they had the year before. The weather was cooperating, as well as plenty of stuff to do (hiking, boating, etc.). However, if you ever want to just get away for a weekend and try some good grub, Chincoteague Island is not your culinary destination. Oh no. Now, I’ve never been to Maine and tried the lobster there; however, I’ve been fishing and crabbing and had several scallops and shimp in my life to know what is good, and what is not.

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Despite being disappointed with the food, a few, and a I do mean a few, other items on the agenda were worth the trip. In the span of 48 hours, we were convinced that we’d found everything this area had to offer; both in terms of things to see and do. Between the famous horses, wildlife refuges, small town quaintness, and a beach, this part of the east coast isn’t a bad way to escape the city life. Just bring your own food. We did, but got to lazy to cook and are now back home cooking it. More photos from the trip below on Flickr.


One response to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Safe travels Elliot, see you soon, RP pool is going to miss ya.:-)

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